"2012 AD" Hopi Jar
"2012 AD" Hopi Jar "2012 AD" Hopi Jar "2012 AD" Hopi Jar "2012 AD" Hopi Jar "2012 AD" Hopi Jar "2012 AD" Hopi Jar

"2012 AD" Hopi Jar

Lawrence Namoki

This Amazing Jar is Handcoiled, Traditionally Fired and Handpainted by Hopi Elder and Artist Lawrence Namoki. This Jar is unique with High-Polished Iron Oxide as a base for the paint.

This large jar depicts the current transition from the Fourth to Fifth World, known to Lawrence as the Fifth World Prophecy. The opposite panel includes hand-painted illustrations of the four colors of maize (Green, Red, White, Yellow), and excludes the new color of maize which is to appear in the new Fifth World (purple). Much like Mayan prophecy, this panel also depicts the alignment of the planets in 2012 which to the Hopis signifies the coming of Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina, who will dance in the plaza and remove his mask to express the arrival of the fifth world. The panel with the ladder is a Kiva as a gateway and Masau'u is looking down through the hole to the underworld.

With work featured in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian, Lawrence Namoki is one of the finest Hopi potters in the world.

Dimensions: 8" Diameter, 5.5" Height

Item #: P3596

Tags: Contemporary, Hopi

Type: Pottery

Artist: Lawrence Namoki

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