Santana & Adam Bowl
Santana & Adam Bowl Santana & Adam Bowl Santana & Adam Bowl Santana & Adam Bowl

Santana & Adam Bowl

Maria Martinez

"Maria Martinez is one of the great figures in the pottery world of this century; like Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada, she has become a legend in her lifetime. The magnificent burnished black pottery perfected by Maria and her husband Julian in the second decade of this century is prized by collectors and museums throughout North America and Europe. Maria, a Tewa Indian of New Mexico's San Ildefonso pueblo, was born in the 1880s and has been active as a potter for over seventy years. Three generations of Maria's family continue her black-on-black pottery tradition, the younger potters adding techniques and trying new ideas while maintaining their Indian heritage." 

The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez by Susan Peterson


This wider bowl is black and highly polished with no designs, and in very good condition. It is signed "Santana + Adam", which indicates it is 1955-1975.

Dimensions: 2.25" tall, 7.5" diameter

Item #: P3597

Tags: Antique

Type: Pottery

Artist: Maria Martinez

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