"Grand Canyon Dream"

Gregory Hull


Oil on board

24" x 30"

Framed:  32" x 38"

Gregory Hull is one of America’s genuine leaders in the field of contemporary realism, whose versatility and variety in subject matter are brilliantly displayed in his outstanding works.  His relentless pursuit of scenic locations has taken him from the high peaks of the Sierras of California to the depths of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and has allowed him to vividly capture the magnificence of nature on canvas.  Gregory Hull's brushstrokes are fluid, bold and expressive, becoming the vehicle for the study of light, the subject of all his paintings.

He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Utah where he met Alvin Gittins, an Academy-trained portraitist whose approach to art deeply influenced him.  This philosophy of drawing and painting from life, and the study of human anatomy, gave Gregory Hull a solid foundation upon which he has achieved widespread acclaim.

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