Hopi Wicker Plaque

Abigail Kaursgowva


Eagle image on orange background by master weaver Abigail Kaursgowva. Circa 1990's. Abigail was born in the village of Hotevilla on Third Mesa in 1915. She belonged to the Sparrow/Fire Clan. She is widely recognized for her skill, winning multiple first, second and third prizes at various art shows including a Best of Show at the Fifth annual Hopi Guild show in 1992. Abigail's designs represent many different Kachina figures as well as colorful geometrics. She has demonstrated her techniques at renown institutions over the course of many years, including the Arizona state Museum, The Heard Museum, The Hopi Guild and the Hopi Craftsman's Exhibition. Sadly Abigail passed away in 2016.

Diameter 12"  Height 1"


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