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Welcome to Garland’s Navajo Rugs!

We are located in the beautiful red rock country of Sedona, in northern Arizona.  Our amazing collection of authentic Native American art includes hand-carved Hopi Kachina dolls, Navajo sandpaintings, Pueblo pottery, hand-woven baskets, extraordinary jewelry and the finest Navajo rugs in the world.

The number one recommendation in the purchase of high quality, authentic Native American art is to deal with a reputable, established dealer.  You can be confident that ours is such a company.  Founded in 1976, our family-owned business is based on a great respect and appreciation of the artistic talent of the area’s Native American artists.  Initially, buying trips were made to the Navajo and Hopi reservations, but soon our reputation for fair dealings brought the artists directly to our gallery in Sedona.  This approach to supporting Native American art has fostered multi-generational relationships with many artists and their families.  We have been buying from some artists for over thirty years, and we are keenly aware of the role we play in supporting them.

Native American artists visit our shop almost daily and visitors will often encounter the staff buying something new and exciting.  It might be a beautiful Navajo rug that the weaver has brought in wrapped in a Blue Bird flour sack or an intricately carved Hopi Kachina that has emerged from an old cardboard shoebox.  We take seriously our commitment to the advancement of Native American art by encouraging creativity and rewarding quality.

This unique relationship with the artists enables us to offer an extensive selection of high quality, authentic, handmade Native American art at the most competitive prices.  We strive to be fair to the artist and fair to the customer, and we value both of these relationships equally.  Our gallery is an annual pilgrimage for many customers who have become close friends over the years.  Our knowledgeable staff, with over one hundred years of combined experience, is always ready to help you.

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We're glad you found our website, and we also want to invite you to visit our gallery in Sedona to experience these art forms in person.